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All Yamila Cosmetics products can be combined with one another and are vegan.

They contain:

We believe that less is more, which is why we use only carefully chosen, high-quality ingredients that indulge your skin.


Hyaluron Ampoules

Hyaluron Ampoules by Yamila Cosmetics give your skin an intensive moisture boost with added lifting effect.

This concentrated serum contains a unique combination of ingredients that visibly improves your complexion after only one use. Your skin is soft to the touch, age-defying, fresh and radiant.

The ampoules are also suitable for cosmetic microneedling treatments.

Hyaluron Ampoules

Day Cream

Yamila Hyaluron Day Cream with duo hyaluronic acid is the only daily moisturiser your skin needs.

This rich cream deeply hydrates your skin, making it smooth and soft to the touch. Fine lines will fade and your complexion will improve.

Ideal in combination with serums and gels.

Suitable for all skin types, including as a base for make-up!

Day Cream

Hyaluron Serum 

Yamila Hyaluron Serum with triple hyaluronic acid is the perfect intensive skincare for your face, neck and décolleté.

High-quality ingredients such as Filmexel, Thalassine 2G and PrimalHyal 3K deeply hydrate your skin and provide protection from environmental stressors.

The serum’s gel-like consistency means that it is also suitable for cosmetic microneedling and ultrasound treatments.

Hyaluron Serum

High-quality plant extracts 

Products by Yamila Cosmetics are suitable for all skin types and all ages. We use special patented processes to combine the different ingredients and include high-quality plant extracts to create the ideal product for your daily skincare routine.

Instant hydration

A combination of molecular weights ensures that the hyaluronic acid can reach the different layers of skin, where it holds 1000 times its own weight in moisture. It helps bind water to skin cells, plumping up your skin and keeping it supple, as well as promoting cell regeneration.

No animal testing

All products by Yamila Cosmetics are vegan and not tested on animals – because we care as much about the environment as you do. What’s more, our packaging can be easily recycled to prevent waste.